Terms of service

These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a product or service on an online store operated by L'Occitane's agent in Iceland, RS Snyrtivörur ehf., Id. 490104-2080, Dalvegi 16D, 200 Kópavogur, Iceland, hereafter called "L'OCCITANE". The terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of L'OCCITANE on the one hand, and the buyer of goods or services on the other. If the terms have not been approved by new registration on the L'OCCITANE website, they are deemed to have been approved by the first purchase of a product or service.

"Buyer" means a person who is a party to a contract but does not engage in business or other commercial activities; a person who buys a product or service within the meaning of the Consumer Purchase Act no. 48/2003. Buyer must be at least 16 years old. "Buyer" can also be a company if the Act on Service Purchase no. 42/2000 apply. These laws apply to the legal status of the parties when special provisions of these terms are omitted. L'OCCITANE sells products or services to the buyer on its site. L'OCCITANE also offers a buyer the option of sending the product to their home or to a post office.

The prices on the L'OCCITANE site and the e-mails we send include VAT and are published with reservation for typos and wrong images. L'OCCITANE reserves the right to cancel all or part of the orders in the event of typos. L'OCCITANE reserves the right to cancel all or part of the orders in the event that the product is out of stock or damaged or flawed. L'OCCITANE will inform the buyer of all such things as soon as possible, and may propose another product for the buyer to accept or reject.

The company's privacy policy is available on the L'OCCITANE website, and Buyers are advised to study that  for further information. This Privacy Policy describes how L'OCCITANE deals with the personal information held by L'OCCITANE on the buyer and what rights it holds regarding the information.

To check the security of your site, please review your browser's lower bar when filling out your payment information. There you will see the unlocked key or closed lock that shows that the site's encryption is active and that your information is secure. For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not send credit card numbers in standard email, but rather use the secure facility provided on the Website. When you place an order on the website, you will be invited to use an advanced and secure server. The server software encrypts all information you enter before it is sent to us . In this way, L'OCCITANE protects every business transaction that goes through the website and ensures that other parties do not have access to buyer's card information.

No credit or debit card information is stored after an order has been finalized unless the buyer has specifically granted L'OCCITANE permission to do so. Credit card information is stored safely and securely.

L'OCCITANE is governed by applicable laws and regulations on privacy and personal data processing.

L'OCCITANE in Iceland only sends goods in areas domestically. All orders go through Íslandspóstur. If the buyer wishes  to order products to  be delivered outside of Iceland, please visit our global website: www.loccitane.com.

Shipping cost is added to the order before payment is made. Our online store is directly linked to Íslandspóstur's postal service and therefore shipping costs are calculated based on their price list. There is no shipping cost for orders over ISK 12,900. You can choose whether the product will be delivered at home, in a postbox or sent to the next post office. Íslandspóstur's shipping time is usually 3-4 business days.

Delivery at home is only available domestically and only in the areas provided by Íslandspóstur. See further on the website of Íslandspóstur, www.postur.is.


The Buyer confirms with its payment  that he knows the current Terms and Conditions of L'OCCITANE. The Terms and Conditions are available on the L'OCCITANE website. Each purchase is binding on the buyer under the Terms and Conditions of L'OCCITANE.

Payment can be made by the Buyer as follows:
Credit or debit card: Payment is made at the same time as the buyer registers their purchase. Credit card payment is made through a secure payment gateway that the buyer is directed to automatically when filling out the payment information. When the buyer confirms the information, the payment is debited from the card.

L'OCCITANE accepts payments with VISA and MasterCard. L'OCCITANE also accepts payments with bank transfer.

L'OCCITANE commits to deliver to the Buyer a product in accordance with these Terms and Condition and applicable law. Buyer can return products to L’OCCITANE within 30 days. L’OCCITANE reserves the right to verify if the product is in order and to prevent misuse of the 30 day cancellation right. The product must be unopened in the original packaging. An invoice or receipt is required for all returns and exchanges. Products on sale and certain promo products can not be returned or exchanged.

For a refund within 30 days of purchase, according to our Terms and Condition, L’OCCITANE will refund the customer in the same way as the customer used for payment, with a reversal of credit or debit cards, bank deposit or with a L’OCCITANE credit note that customer can exchange to products as he pleases in the next purchase at L’OCCITANE. 

Products that were paid for with a gift card are only available for refunding with a gift card. Gift cards are non refundable. 

Customer can return products in L’OCCITANE´s boutique in Kringlan, or by contacting customer service via the e-mail netverslun@loccitane.is or by phone: 5450-600 (customer service is open Monday to Friday, 9:00-16:00). 

If a product is defective, L’OCCITANE is obliged to offer Buyer a new product, discount or withdrawal of purchase. According to the Consumer Purchase Act. No. 48/2003, a Buyer is entitled to get the defective product compensated if we are notified within two months  from the time the Buyers became aware of the defect.  L’OCCITANE recommends that the Buyer contacts L’OCCITANE´s customer service via e-mail or by phone as soon as the defect is discovered. L’OCCITANE sends back confirmation of the e-mail. L’OCCITANE reserves the right to verify that the product is defective within 7 days. 

Occasionally, L’OCCITANE sends customers offers through e-mails, brochures or advertisements. If a Buyer is a member of the VIP Provence member club, he or she can receive e-mails from L’OCCITANE with promotions and offers with special codes with gifts with purchases, free delivery or other discounts. The Buyer can join the VIP Provence member club by clicking “Sign up” on L’OCCITANE´s homepage.  Promotional codes, unless otherwise stated, are to be redeemed one gift per customer, not to be combined with any other promotion or discount, while stocks last. L’Occitane reserves the right to substitute the gift with another one of the same or similar value.

L'OCCITANE's warranty does not impose any restriction on the rights provided for in the Consumer Purchase Act, no. 48/2003. Warranty for defects in a product is in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act and is based on the date of purchase to individuals. In the case of a sale to a company, responsibility for defects is one year from the date of purchase according to the Act on Sale of Goods no. 50/2000.

Warranty is void if a product has been opened or tampered with without the consent of L'OCCITANE despite the fact that there has been a recognized party. The warranty will also be void if a defect can be traced to a malignant or incorrect treatment. L'OCCITANE reserves the right to verify that defects or failures are under warranty within 7 days. If a product falls under the warranty terms then L'OCCITANE is obliged to offer the buyer a new product, discount or withdrawal of purchase.

L'OCCITANE reserves the full right to update these Terms and Conditions, provided that the Buyer will be notified thereof. A notification to the Buyer of new Terms and Conditions and/or publication of the change on the L’OCCITANE website is considered a sufficient notice. If a Buyer purchases a product or a service after a notice has been issued, the customer is considered to have accepted the change.  

If a dispute arises between the parties regarding the content of these terms and conditions or violations thereof, the relevant matter may be submitted to Consumer Complaints Committee the Icelandic Consumer Agency. If all else fails the issue may be taken to court proceedings for the District Court of Reykjavík, according to provisions in Act No. 91/1991. 

These Terms and Conditions are valid from May 1, 2022.

For further information about Our products, or to deal with any queries, please contact our Customer Service Department by email at netverslun@loccitane.is or by telephone on 545-0600 - Monday to Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm.