Legal notice

These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a product or service on an online store operated by L'Occitane's agent in Iceland, RS Snyrtivörur ehf., Id. 490104-2080, Dalvegi 16D, 200 Kópavogur, Iceland, hereafter called "L'OCCITANE". The terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of L'OCCITANE on the one hand, and the buyer of goods or services on the other. If the terms have not been approved by new registration on the L'OCCITANE website, they are deemed to have been approved by the first purchase of a product or service.

"Buyer" means a person who is a party to a contract but does not engage in business or other commercial activities; a person who buys a product or service within the meaning of the Consumer Purchase Act no. 48/2003. Buyer must be at least 16 years old. "Buyer" can also be a company if the Act on Service Purchase no. 42/2000 apply. These laws apply to the legal status of the parties when special provisions of these terms are omitted. L'OCCITANE sells products or services to the buyer on its site. L'OCCITANE also offers a buyer the option of sending the product to their home or to a post office.

If a dispute arises between the parties regarding the content of these terms and conditions or violations thereof, the relevant matter may be submitted to Consumer Complaints Committee the Icelandic Consumer Agency. If all else fails the issue may be taken to court proceedings for the District Court of Reykjavík, according to provisions in Act No. 91/1991.