Discover the magic of Shea butter, which has the natural properties to nourish and protect dry and thirsty skin.


New 30ml tube which can now be fully recycled!

Fear not! Our formula remains the same. Indulge yourself with the nourishing Shea hand cream with a thick creamy texture that easily penetrates the skin.

Clean Charter* formula, which contains 96% ingredients of natural origin, transforms dry hands into a silky wonder.

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Shea Hand Cream (Travel Size)

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Discover our selection of Shea butter face & body products

Shea Face Care

Our skin care products contain a high percentage of shea butter which helps to nourish, protect and soothe normally very dry skin, and even sensitive skin. The skin is free of discomfort throughout the day and the gentle aroma of the shea butter envelops it.

Shea Butter Body Care

Discover the Shea butter body products that are especially suitable for sensitive skin and for ages 3 and up. Nourish and protect every member of your family with our Shea body lotions.

How do we cultivate change?

Reduce Waste

Go green with our commitment to reduce plastic. Greenleaf, our eco-friendly packaging is recyclable, stylish and sustainable.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future - one small step at a time.

Respecting Biodiversity

Our organic shea cultivation is central to our popular Shea range. Shea butter contains a lot of omega-6 which not only nourishes the skin but also softens it.

Discover skin care products that go beyond beauty, considering sustainability and respecting biodiversity.

Supporting Producers

Our shea butter is from Burkina Faso from sustainable cultivation and fair trade with the women who produce it. There, the women produce shea butter from the shea nuts, which is known as "women's gold". These may seem like small steps, but they make a big difference. Choose our products to join this empowerment with us.