Immortelle Precious

Nature has always known what science someday reveals:

Energy is never destroyed.

Only passed on from one form to another.

From sun,

to flower, to essence,

to skin.


restored, we walk a little taller,
smile a little wider, and pass on that powerful energy to others around us.

The Power of Light is Immortelle.

Immortelle Precious Enriched Emulsion

The perfect addition to your skin care routine. This milky emulsion tightens the look of pores, improves the look of fine lines and locks in skin moisture.
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Immortelle Precious Enriched Emulsion

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Active Natural Ingredience

Immortelle Super-Extract

Unlocks skin volume benefits similar to synthetic retinol, whilst being gentler to your skin.

Immortelle Oil Extract

With Omegas 9 & 6, known for their nourishing properties.

Lentil Extract

Strengthens the skin and minimizes the appearance of pores.

The Super Aqueous Extract

Combined with Immortelle Essential Oil, it gives skin protection from oxidation caused by overexposure to blue light.